Why Zohydro May Or May Not Be Approved

ByAbraham David:

With a big FDA decision expected to surprise investors in Zogenix (ZGNX) any day now, it is important to take into consideration all arguments for and against this company. When the decision is announced there will be no going back, and it is likely that it will cause a big move on the stock price in either direction. This article will discuss key arguments on the both sides of the fence.

But first let’s look at the current environment around Zogenix and see what a decision on their drug, Zohydro ER, means for the company.


Zogenix’s core business strategy is to sell their needle-free DosePro technology for use with a variety of established drugs to be marketed together as drug-and-device combinations. The drug-and-device combo, however, will need a reformulation of the intended drug in order to be usable with the DosePro system. This means that each drug coupled

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