Developments Over The Next Year That Could Change NeoStem

By A John Hodge:

Despite appreciating in value by over 80% in the last four months, NeoStem Inc. (NBS) is still highly undervalued. The company is largely misunderstood and potentially a great play on the future of cell therapy and the innovation of cancer treatments. Its overall loss over the last 14 months was a combination of several events: the market trading lower during the final six months of 2011, the acquisition of Amorcyte, and a round of financing in which the company raised $6.8 million. Obviously, anytime a company does a public offering it affects share value. However, its recent strategic decisions that led to the stock trading lower have made NBS a company of great opportunity and a far better investment than it was in 2010 and 2011 when it traded consistently over $1.50.

For anyone who has followed the company, both its Phase 2 trial of AMR-001 and the sale of

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